Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions govern the legal relationship between Signhost (part of Evidos B.V.) and its counterparties (“Client”).

Terms and conditions Evidos B.V. (September 1, 2020)



The Partner Terms and Conditions apply to every Partner Agreement of Signhost (part of Evidos B.V.) and form an integral part of every Partner Agreement between Evidos B.V. and the Partner.

Partner terms and conditions Evidos B.V.

The “service level description (basic)” describes the standard support that Evidos provides with regard to its digital identification and signing service. If the customer wants more certainty with regard to issues such as availability, response times, incident handling, support and audits, Evidos offers a separate Service Level Agreement (SLA). Evidos provides access to the SLA upon request.

Service level discription (basic) Evidos B.V.


A few of our success stories:

Please Payroll’s experience with electronic signatures: “Errors are a thing of the past since the introduction of digital signing” 

“You must be able to determine with certainty who you’re dealing with and which bank account is used to take out a loan”