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 Identity verification like itsme®, Passport check and eIDAS

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A signed contract within 2 minutes with the electronic signature. It is easy, affordable and legally valid. Try the electronic signature now free of charge and without obligation!

How does it work?



1: Upload the document

You upload your document to Signhost.com, select the addressee(s) and optionally add an extra verification method (e.g. iDIN, iDEAL, itsme® or telephone number verification).


2: Send the document

You send the document for signing via your website, email or API. The recipient can get started with signing the document immediately.



3: Sign

The signatory receives the signing request, clicks on the link to view the document and then places his electronic signature using a mobile phone, tablet or computer.



4: Evidence

Signhost.com records the entire process on a transaction receipt, providing you directly with all of the required evidential value for a legally binding transaction.

Some of the  identity methods you can use to electronically sign documents using Signhost.com


Simplify the digital process and avoid the ‘print-scan-post problem’. It’s 100% digital and the signatory can do business digitally from anywhere at any time. You no longer have to wait for a paper signature, but can complete your digital process immediately.


A electronic signature means that there are no unnecessary costs related to the use of paper, administrative handling and sending documents by post. Signing a paper document will often cost more than three euros. With a electronic signature you can save costs immediately.

Legally binding

Our service provides you with proper evidence. Our electronic signatures meet the requirements of the European Union’s eIDAS regulation. So feel confident in connecting your transactions through our platform.
-> View our legal statement and read our whitepaper.

Why Signhost.com

Personal and excellent service

Service is important to Signhost.com. Our help desk offers you personal assistance. Not only during the process of implementing electronic signatures within your organization, but also in the preparatory and follow-up stages.

Easy to use

Signhost.com is considered to be very user-friendly by both users and signatories. If necessary, we’ll get you started with instructional videos and live demos.

We contribute ideas to your organization

Thanks to our many existing collaborations within your sector, we know what obstacles your organization is facing. This experience enables us to contribute ideas and find the most suitable solution for your organization.

More than 10 years of experience

Signhost.com is the cloud-based signing service offered by Evidos. Evidos is a market leader in providing digital signing and identity verification solutions and has been the prime cloud platform for digital evidence for over 10 years.

Sign all of your documents digitally!

In our system you can quickly and easily sign contracts, employment agreements, purchase agreements, rental agreements, living wills, quotations, policies and other documents.

Do you want to fully integrate the digital signing process into your own system? Then you should definitely check out our API.

 Works with Windows & Mac
 Your documents securely in the cloud
 A signed contract within 3 minutes
 Legally binding
 Strong verification options (including phone number verification, itsme® DigiD and iDIN).

A few of our success stories:

Please Payroll’s experience with electronic signatures: “Errors are a thing of the past since the introduction of digital signing” 

“You must be able to determine with certainty who you’re dealing with and which bank account is used to take out a loan”

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