Digital signing with itsme®

Digital signing with itsme® uses various authentication methods to establish the identity of a person with certainty. In Belgium, uses itsme® to do this.

With it is possible to have your documents digitally signed with itsme® while you work from your own software system. This way you avoid having to use in multiple systems.

It is also possible to have your documents digitally signed with itsme® via the portal. Create your trial account here and try it for free.


Watch the video and see how digital signing works with itsme®.


Why digitally sign with itsme® via

    • Auditrail always makes an audit trail of every transaction that is done in the Signhost platform. That way you always have the right evidence.
    • Dashboard 
      Through the Signhost platform you always have a detailed overview of the status of all your open and completed transactions. For example, you can see who has already viewed the document, how often and when.
    • Qualified and Advanced
      Digital signing with itsme® via is possible with both a qualified and an advanced digital signature.
    • Various options
      You have the option of having multiple people sign a document, have multiple documents signed at the same time, and have signatories with multiple e-IDs signed.
    • Integrate (API) or Signhost portal
      Easy to integrate into your own software system through our API or get started right away via the Signhost portal.


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