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“We currently place our signature around 25,000 times a year.”

Hans van de Ven, Please Payroll

Some of our satisfied customers!

Digitally sign all your contracts and safe time and money directly 

With an electronic signature you can directly save on costs for paper, handling and post. In addition, you’ll never have to wait again for the return of contracts and other documents. Waiting for electronic signatures on contracts or other documents won’t take days, but mere minutes. Simplify your administration and avoid the ‘print-scan-post-wait problem’. Check out the Signhost.com product video to see how it works.

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A few of our success stories:

Please Payroll’s experience with electronic signatures: “Errors are a thing of the past since the introduction of digital signing” 

“You must be able to determine with certainty who you’re dealing with and which bank account is used to take out a loan”